Shah gulla story

shah gula


Shah Gulla  48 Years from a flood affected Village of Pakistan. She is a widow and has been living in poor conditions for the last so many years with her husband & 4 children. They used to live in a mud house of two rooms constructed by her husband. Her husband died in recent flood water due to fall of wood on his head. They had 3 goats & a buffalo. Her husband &  son use to take care of all things. In recent torrent floods all of her cattle sunk, mud house destroyed & they were left with nobody to help them. She is helped by her poor neighbors occasionally. She always remembers her husband and cry of frustration and grief.

She is first beneficiary to receive help from HRO to rebuild her home. HRO has also been providing healthcare services and cooked food to her family for the last 4 months.

Message to HRO/ Donor: She prays “I pray that Almighty God blesses HRO and may HE accept this donation. I pray that God bless all those who took part in this donation and wish that such donations should be provided to others also. I use work in others’ homes and get stale food and thank God for everything HE provides me. After the floods when we lost everything. We were sitting under the bear sky and had to spend many cold nights without having anything in our stomach.

This was the worst time in our life we ever had. Along with others, HRO has helped us a lot and has provided us with cooked food daily for more than 7 months and now they have helped us to reconstruct our own mud house which was a dream for me. At time we were thinking that we’ll never be able to reconstruct our house but God has send HRO to help us and reconstruct the house.

We are so much thankful to HRO and donors of HRO who have given us protection from extreme weathers. We also request them to give us cattle and help us to cultivate our land so that we can live our life full of dignity.”

I pray that Almighty God bless all HRO people and God give them all place in Heaven” (amen).