Sameena Story


Below, we have a touching glimpse from field in the region of what life is like for one lady and her family. “We didn’t know that one day our only shelter and livelihood would be washed away by the floods.”

Shy and hesitant, with a concerned expression of grief on her face, grabbed our attention during a goat / hygiene kit distribution in village “khorwa” district Badin. “I am Sameena,” she said. “My mother is too ill to come and collect her goat & hygiene kit. Her expression brightened once she received these things. We asked her about her family. We learned that Sameena’s husband died three years before. Since she moved to her parents family along with three children, 3 sons & one daughter. Her father was also ill with some heart disease. Sameena was responsible for taking care of her family, living in a straw house with her ailing parents. Her parents are weak and lack access to basic medical services. The HRO team observed her siblings wandering about without proper clothing or shoes.

Before the 2011 floods, her family lived in a nearby village, where Sameena’s father worked the fields and earned a living for the family. The floods destroyed the fields and swept away the family’s cotton crop, leaving them in debt, homeless, and ill – dependent solely on humanitarian aid. Sadly this is true for 80 percent of the people living in the district who earned a living in agriculture.

“We are very happy and pay thanks to those who came to us with a sympathetic and caring hand.”

“We didn’t know that one day our only shelter and livelihood would be washed away by the floods, and we would need to roam about for a piece of land to live on,” said Sameena. “But we still find ourselves lucky to have a donated goat, food, and medicine provided by your organization”