Shazia Story

Shazia, an elderly woman, a grandmother, had a son died several years before. She is bread winner for her family comprising widow of her son, with three children. She was telling her story of emergency night travelling by foot to Bannu with no accompanying men. She was old, ill and having joint problems along with Blood pressure and Diabetes. She said her daughter-in-law is widow and she used to accompany her and her  children to a hospital in Waziristan, whenever they needed medical treatment. The Taliban threatened women with dire consequences if they came in the public unaccompanied by men. One of her grandchildren had asthma-related problems. His condition got serious. She could not rush him to Hospital. She sent for men who were far relatives, all of them worked outside Waziristan. It took a male relative two days to come and the child died before his arrival. She said she will never forget that the Taliban imposed restrictions on her mobility led to the death of the child. She said the child died in her hands and she could do nothing for him. Now in Bannu we are getting food and medical treatment from HRO clinic without accompanying male help and without fear of Taliban.