Student Support

12Student support program is to provide financial assistance to poor students unable to afford & continue their education

HRO struggles to provide partial or full financial assistance to those poor students (from primary grades to university levels) who’s families are unable to support them for getting education. This assistance will be provided in the form of admission fees, text books, tuition fees, exam fees, hostel fees, uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, stationery items, as well as a stipend which may range from $5 – $50 per month depending on economic status of student’s family and student performance in study.

Campaign Facts

Donation Goal Details Provide financial assistance to poor students unable to afford their education
Donation Goal Amount  $ 12,500
Donation Start Date  07-15-2016
Donation End Date 12-31-2016

Donation Options

Amount What your donation can bring
$ 20 Partial assistance provides specific needs of child
$ 50 Full assistance covering all educational costs