Medical Camp

  • Health care camps in small towns and villages to benefit the poor

Free Medical Camp is to organize and support health care camps in small towns and villages to benefit the poor

In rural areas of third world countries, often there are no facilities available for basic health care needs. Even if present, they are non-functional because of low staff or mismanagement. Hence poor families face lot of sufferings, specially women and children because of overloaded with house hold work (fetching water, preparing meals for whole family, taking care of livestock (feeding, milking, cleaning etc), lack of finances, female doctors/nurses and custom restriction. during our field visits our team have come across many women who have never seen doctor in their lives despite of threatening health conditions.

HRO conducts Medical camps in remote locations and arranges for medical teams (Medical doctor, nurses, para-medical staff, Health Educationist i.e counselor), medical supplies and medicines to benefit the poor and needy. These camps provide free medical services (doctor’s consultations, medicine & essential tests etc).

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$ 950 Provides Medical services to 400-500 Persons
$2 Provides Medical services to one person


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