Eye Camp

Eye Camps Program-1

Eye Camp Program: One eye camp provides corrective eye glasses to 600-700 persons including children, women & elderly persons from most vulnerable communities

Eye Camp is to Provide Free Eye care services for the poor people to save sight and restore vision.

HRO strives to provide free eye health services & glasses of the appropriate number according to the vision need of specific individual to poor persons in poor communities of the world who are disabled due to eye problems and are unable to afford the treatments.

HRO has been conducting the eye camp to various communities. Most of the beneficiaries are women, elderly men & children. In economic depressed remote areas most of women stay at home to serve their families and they are not permitted to leave the home untill accompanied by someone from within family called mahram. Also women get secondary importance in their homes.

Eye Camp Campaign Facts

DONATION GOAL DETAIL To Provide Free Eye Healthcare services for the poor people to save sight and restore vision.. Following is our Goal for current year
START DATE 14-07-2016
END DATE 31-12-2016

 Donation Options


What your donation can bring

$ 1,500  Provides corrective eye glasses to 600-700 persons
$ 2.5  Provides corrective eye glasses to 1 person