Food for life

food for life

Food for Life Program: Food package being delivered to a widow. Her husband died during worship service with 125 other worshipers in Church bombing in Peshawar city of Pakistan.

Food for life program is to to provide food packages of dry ration to poor families. These families are affected by the disasters or poverty etc.

Part of the Food for life program is to provide Hot Meals. Hot meals are provided to those families who are displaced from their homes to other locations and don’t have utensils or means to cook food. This happens in most of the disasters like flood, earthquake, hurricane, internal displacement etc. One large pot of rice biryani can feed up to 40 people for only $40 (with chick peas or potatoes) or $50 (with meat).

In Second part of food for life program, a typical, dry ration package is given to poor families. These families are not displaced but have limited resources to buy food for all family and need  assistance. Dry ration package given to them contains flour, rice, lentils, dry milk powder, sugar, tea, spices, oil, and soap. Each package is enough to feed a family of about 5 for a month. It costs only $ 1 per meal, $ 100 for 100 meals, or $500 for 500 meals. We plan to give dry ration packet to 250 such families.

Food for life Campaign Facts

DONATION GOAL DETAIL Provide food to those poor families who are in need of it especially those affected by Disasters and Poverty US$. Following is our Goal for current year
END DATE 31-12-2016

Donation Options


What your donation can bring

$ 50 Provides 50 Hot meals
$ 100 Food Package for 1 family of 5 (sufficient for one month)
$1,000 Food Package for 10 families (sufficient for one month)