Disaster Relief


Disaster Relief Program: offering free healthcare services in Rajanpur village of south Pakistan. most of the houses swept by flood waters leaving nothing behind.

Disaster Relief is to provide relief to disaster affected families during disasters. Disasters include earthquakes, floods and other natural & man made disasters.

HRO supports those families who affected or displaced by disasters. These disasters include earthquakes, floods, hurricane, or internal displacements. The support is offered in the form of basic needs. these include hot meals, dry ration, house hold us items, clothes, Primary healthcare services  etc.

“Disaster Relief” Campaign Facts

Disaster relief Donation Goal Detail
  • To provide relief to those families who are affected during disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricane and internal displacement etc.
  • Commonly provided relief is hot meals, dry ration and medical services
Donation Target Amount $ 40,000
Start Date 7-30-2016
End Date 12-31-2016

Donation Options

Amount What your amount can bring
$ 50 Provides 50 hot meals
$ 100 Food Package for 1 family of 5 (sufficient for one month)
$ 900 One medical camp providing medical relief to 400-600