Our History


Story of HRO
In today’s modern society, where people are trapped in a world of commercialism and consumerism, an organization that exists purely to serve humanity comes across as a breath of fresh air. Since devastating earthquake of Pakistan, HRO has been providing that air through numerous charitable projects conducted in economically depressed areas of Pakistan. HRO helped people by participating in relief activities and starting new projects in disaster affected areas in health, education & capacity building


The Programs
HRO’s priority is education & capacity building, especially women’s education. “But we realized that when people don’t even have one proper meal, how can they worry about education? Hence we spend time toward social welfare and health care as well.”

Consequently, HRO’s programs are of three types: education, social welfare, and health care. Sub-projects within each category include sponsoring students and schools in deprived regions, distributing aid to women, children and elderly, being on location as soon as disaster strikes, and providing medical support for underprivileged patients and hospitals.


Registered in Illinois state, HRO is a humanitarian, tax exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the relief of human suffering among underprivileged people especially those affected badly by disasters and poverty. All of the work has been accomplished on a totally Volunteer Basis, including the service of the director.

HRO serves as a link to bring together those individuals, corporations, institutions and other entities that are possessed of essential resources and good will so as to provide relief and empowerment to those beneficiary individuals, non-profit corporations, institutions and other entities who lack resources, knowledge and skills, and who are limited in obtaining the fundamental necessities for a nominal quality of life. Such necessities include clothing, health, education, job skills  and a viable spiritual consciousness, and the local infrastructure that acquires, creates, maintains and distributes these resources and empowers their local community.